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Integrated Shelton Services Ltd | About Integrated Shelton
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About Integrated Shelton

Integrated Shelton Service Limited is a group of Strategy Project Marketing related subsidiary services harnessed in branding, marketing management and design, of  Properties, Products & services.


Integrated Shelton Service Limited specializes in utilizing every Strategy in Integrated Marketing Communication to enact the most effective marketing techniques to deliver an efficient service of Creative Consulting & Business Solution; Property Consulting, Marketing & Management,  Product Diversification & Lifecycle Planning, Consumer Market Development & Brand Management.


Integrated Shelton Service Limited is committed to serving clients by providing them with the tools and technique they need to share their vision with the world.  Through creative consulting and branding efforts, Integrated Shelton Service Limited is dedicated to helping brands, product, services and organization to recognize, take ownership of and harness their own individual capacity for greatness.