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Integrated Shelton Services Ltd | Our services
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Our services

Shelton Properties

Shelton Properties integrates the services of Property Consulting, Marketing and Management. This service is offered by our most experienced Property Consultants who have over a decade experience in Property Management in Nigeria and an ideal experience of every terrain.


Shelton Consulting

The highly qualified Strategy consultants at Shelton Consulting understand that analysing the your company’s target market is the most difficult planning activity, thus developing an understanding of the competitive landscape is crucial in building a tailored effective business solutions for our clients.


Shelton Marketing & PR

At Shelton Marketing & PR we explore innovative methods to leverage all elements of the marketing communication mix and blend traditional, modern approaches into a single, cohesive, holistic prism. Shelton Marketing & PR provides our client with the essential building strategies for effective integration of traditional and inbound marketing approaches.


Shelton Events

Shelton Events cognizes the broad effectiveness of understanding the increasing awareness, information on vast growth of Market awareness in all hemispheres of corporate world. Thus we organize conferences for government bodies, organizations in continual apprise of the new developing Marketing techniques and a larger consumer base.